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John Watt & Son have roasted Coffee in Carlisle since their original shop opened in Glovers Row in 1865 –  our blending recipes are closely guarded secrets which have evolved and been handed down over the past 150 years.


We roast the Coffee Beans over an open flame until they “crackle”, at which point they are removed from the heat, this ensures a smooth and fresh tasting Coffee which is perfect for drinking at any time of the day or night.


Glovers Row was demolished in 1897 and John Watt & Son relocated to number 11 Bank Street Carlisle, and we are still there today. John Watt died in 1916 and the business was carried on by his son Henry until his death in 1943. Henry’s widow then formed a partnership with Fred Hodgson,  a prominent Carlisle City Councillor and respected Grocer who continued to run the business until the 1960’s.


When Fred died the business was sold to Ashley Kendall, and his son, Ashley Kendall Junior, ran it for the next 40 years; during this time the coming of self-service supermarkets and out of town shopping centres saw John Watt & Son transform from a traditional local Grocers into a Tea and Coffee Specialist. The on-site Café soon gained a reputation for serving home-made snacks and pastries to compliment the extensive range of Teas and freshly roasted Coffees.


Today, in 2016, John Watt & Son still roast raw Coffee on the premises in Bank Street on a daily basis, and we still operate the Coffee Shop & Café which continues to attract local residents and visitors to Carlisle to sample our unique Coffee Blends and our delicious menu options .

John Watt & Son work in partnership with other local suppliers and traders to support their businesses by helping to maintain the fine tradition of top quality produce that Cumbria is famed for.

Where possible all the products used or sold within the Shop are sourced from within a radius of 50 miles of Carlisle.

We know that you will enjoy our products and hope to welcome you to the Shop & Café, or to provide you with Tea & Coffee via the On-Line links on this page, in the near future.


Peter & Carol Johnston




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